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Just pause for a moment, imagine a football match not having fans or supporters of both teams involved cheering for their respective teams. How would it be like?

I guess you are lost in thought, trying to figure out words that can be used to best describe such circumstance. Most times, we have seen some football matches played “behind closed doors” across leagues in Europe because of the drama fans or supporters bring to the party.

Undoubtedly, you can never replace the worth of fans or supporters in a football match in any league across the world. Fans or supporters are baked into the tradition and culture of most clubs across Europe.

FootyLogue pooled a comprehensive list of names of some clubs across European leagues

Barclays Premier League

Club NameFans' Alias
ArsenalThe Gooners
BurnleyThe Claret Fans
Manchester CityThe Citizens Fans
Manchester UnitedThe Glory Hunters
NewscastleThe Toons Army
TottenhamYid, Yido or Yido Army

Spanish La Liga

Club NameFans' Alias
BarcelonaBarcelonistas or Azulgranas
Real MadridMadridistas
EspanyolThe Parakeet
MalagaPeña Internacional Malaguista

Italian Serie A

Club NameFans' Alias
Juventus FCTradizione Bianconera


Club NameFans' Alias
Bayern MunichAn Ultra group of fans, they are renowned for their fanatical support and elaborate displays. The most prominent groups are the Schickeria München, the Inferno Bavaria, the Red Munichs '89, the Südkurve '73, the Munichmaniacs 1996, the Red Angels, and the Red Sharks
DortmundBVB Supporters

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